The Typical ‘If you work hard, you WILL succeed’ post

Today, I was once again shocked by the comments of some of my fellow students on a #FeesMustFall post on the Stellies Rage page. The post, which was a statement regarding yesterday’s peaceful protest in the library, was met with so much hate and anger and I couldn’t believe it. This isn’t a post about the #FeesMustFall campaign because I honestly haven’t been to enough discussions to have formed my entire opinion on the matter, nor was I there yesterday to write about how the gathering went but I wanted to write about how little it appears some students care for those around them.

A few comments in particular stood out for me. In response to the statement, this person stated “’Violence of exclusion” – violence? of exclusion? are the police shooting black children trying to attend classes? No they’re not. Maybe it’s time the police and the powers that be start growing a pair balls and start becoming more aggressive in protecting the rights of students who are bona fide attending the university instead of the rights of cretins who want to turn this institution into a jungle.” This person is talking about someone who they may sit next to in a lecture, who maybe lives in their residence or even someone they simply walk past on to way to class yet they think it is okay to call their fellow students ‘cretins’.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am not trying to comment on the #FeesMustFall campaign but rather on the utter disregard some students show their peers. Just because the struggle isn’t one you are fighting, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support your brothers and sisters who you know are deep in it. Some of the most typical response on this thread were along the lines of “I am here to study, get a degree and make sure I actually have a future” or “Maybe if you stopped wasting time on silly protests and actually worked you too could be successful” and my absolute favourite was “Hard work leads to success. If you work hard you can have a better life. These people are all lazy and think if they whine and complain everything will be handed to them. No. Some of us actually had to work hard to get here.”

During a sermon at church last week, we heard the story of a boy who the pastor had grown up with. They were the same age, living in the same township, but living completely different lives. While the pastor went home after school to play soccer with his friends, this boy (who was 14 years old) went around his community selling various vegetables to try and earn some extra money to help his mother support his family. His father was working in Johannesburg and he knew his mother’s poor salary was not enough to support his family. Was he not a hard worker? He woke up earlier than his peers to prepare for the day, walked to school where he focused and learnt as much as he could, came home and set out for a long day of work simply to support his family.

At the age of 14, I was in no way prepared to help fund a household, while still attending school and helping my mother look after my siblings yet we tell this boy if he works hard he will be successful. There are hundreds of other boys out there just like him and we promise them this false sense of hope when we say hard work pays off. Yes, don’t get me wrong it does and yes there are amazing stories of people breaking out of this lifestyle and making a better life for themselves –  but hard work isn’t all it takes to get out of the cycle of poverty. There are people in our community against whom the odds are already stacked and they can work as hard as they want and still not be able to afford the luxuries they deserve.

There are obviously people who don’t work hard when they are stuck in these situations and I understand that; but don’t call them lazy simply because they don’t have enough hope to push through. Remember, there are rich people in this world, who haven’t worked a day in their life.

Just remember when you are walking across the stage at your graduation and you look out among the faces, that there are students who once sat in the same lecture hall as you who didn’t make it as far as you did. Remember that while you are here to study, you are also here to make a change. I personally think it is your responsibility. University isn’t about keeping your head down, worrying only about yourself and not caring about those around you who are struggling because I can promise you, you’ll feel so much better standing on that stage knowing you did everything you could to help the person standing behind you or in front of you get to that place too.

I am in no way telling people what their views on #FeesMustFall should be, I am just saying that when you make blanket statements about the people protesting for something that makes studying a privilege rather than a right, that they are people too. They are our brothers and sisters and if you can help – you should!

It isn’t always about making your struggle equal to or even more painful than others, sometimes it is just about understanding and supporting our brothers and sisters


The Typical ‘I am back’ Post

To be very honest, this is a weird sensation. My last post was published a year ago, and to say a lot has changed since then is an understatement. I am the queen of announcing my return after being absent from the blogging world, but a year is a really long time…even for me.

If I had to think of a reason why I haven’t been posting, it would be that I wasn’t getting the response I wanted to from my blog. I was getting numerous comments from my mother (thank you Jennifer, you are the real MVP) but I felt I wasn’t reaching as many people as I wanted to, with the content I really wanted to write about. Do not get me wrong, I took great pleasure in recalling embarrassing events on the web so that the world could laugh at me, or was it with me? But in the end, I wanted to be writing about serious topics and over the past year there have been numerous occasions when I have truly wanted to speak my mind, but been wary due to the backlash I assumed I would get. But is that enough reason not to?

Here is to hoping that this year at Stellenbosch, packed full of critical engagement sessions and confrontations with the real world will give me the necessary strength to say what I feel needs to be said.

To those of you (the five followers I have) who enjoyed the embarrassing life of Hannah, fear not, it isn’t going anywhere. I think there is always a space for humour and fun and I don’t intend on that ever changing. To be totally honest, I partake in too many embarrassing activities on a daily basis and I truly believe it would be cruel to keep it from the world.

This is no promise, it may be another year until I post again, but here is to hoping that isn’t true.

Steps of Procrastinating


All aboard, the train is leaving! This is the train that will transport you to your future, and where am I? I am on platform 9-and-I’m-screwed-forever at the Procrastination Station. I always look forward to exam time. You only have to go to school on the days you’re writing, you feel motivated to learn and you can even have fun study sessions with your friends. And then exams come, and it is worse than you ever imagine.  Instead you’re stuck procrastinating with a pile of unopened books next to you and if you’re anything like me, you are even writing a blog post about it.

  1. I like to start with the study timetable. If I put half the time I spend of my timetable into biology, you could call me Dr Hannah. This is my favourite of all procrastinations. The possibilities are endless. Colour co-ordinating, planning your life hour by hour (because nothing could ever alter your day) and even adding in little snippets of motivation. If you have a well-planned timetable, there is no way you can procrastinate right? Wrong! But the L.O textbook says it is important! Well when is the L.O textbook ever right? Exactly! As hard as it may seem, put the coloured pens down and actually do some work.
  2. Next is the Satan of all distractions…Instagram. This one is particularly seductive with her likes and hashtags and comments. I often make the mistake of giving myself a five-minute Instagram break and never, not once, has it gone well for me. The excitement of a fresh feed is just too endless to deny myself. The unknown has always been appealing, what will pop up with the next swipe, oops I accidentally liked that, swipe…it is never-ending. And when heaven forbid, your feed has lapped back to the start, just slide on right and search aimlessly for a random persons photo that looks vaguely interesting and pop over to their feed. This is where things go downhill. You find a really cool Victoria Secrets model and suddenly you know what she had for breaks on the 3 October 2003. Then, to make your spiral worse, you see an actor you had a crush on back in grade 4 and suddenly you are catching up with him and his life, struggling as hipster director in Hollywood with drinking designer coffee from Starbucks. The cycle is never-ending. No matter how strong you think you are, do not go there. Next thing you know you will scrolling through your Instagram feed wondering how it looks to a stranger because you have run out of other people to stalk.
  3. YouTube. Cat videos. Lip sync battles. I rest my case. Also, big thanks to YouTube for creating auto play, now I don’t even have to choose my next video. Technically if the next video plays straight after the first is finished, it only counts as one, right? I will never understand how I got from cute cat videos to announcing we are pregnant videos but it was great and I don’t regret a single second of it.
  4. Last but not least, eating. I fear this is my greatest weakness. I somehow manage to have a tea break every 10 minutes (I do love tea, but even that is too much). Also beware, when procrastineating there is no quick snack. There is no grabbing an apple and heading back to work. Sorry my friend, not going to happen. There only way to procrastineat is to arrange a cheese platter, make a healthy fruit salad with fruit you planted and picked from your garden that day and a glass of water that is infused with every single thing under the sun and left in the fridge for 2 hours all before you actually get back to your work. It is the only way to do it.

Lastly if you are trolling the internet searching pictures of what the Cheaper by the Dozen cast and crew look like now, or following the dramatic story of Jelena – The Ups and the Downs and you somehow end up procrastinating on this blog, please click follow at the bottom or share it. If you are already this deep, there is nothing I can do and I may as well get some shameless promoting in.

The Speedster

PART 2: Sometime after Crookshanks moved into the Crocker household, we realised Crookshanks just wasn’t working as a name for our beloved feline friend. Don’t get me wrong, I am one Harry Potter loving girl, and the fact that he wasn’t ginger didn’t bother me, it had more to do with his personality. There was one thing that was standing out to us, if we opened the bedroom door, he sprinted out so fast he was basically a blur, a streak…a flash! this was something Hermoine’s Crookshanks wouldn’t have done, unless Scabbers was involved. It was then that we realized, his name needed to somehow reflect his personality and crazy cat ways.

He hears the Blogging world talking about him...and he LOVES it!

He hears the Blogging world talking about him…and he LOVES it!

Many a night was spent considering Caster, Semenya, Semens, and Castikie, but none seemed to fit the animal properly and then I remembered the name of the fastest man alive, Barry Allen. To all you sport fanatics out there; he isn’t an Olympic athlete so much as a fictional super hero known as The Flash. But The Flash sounded too pretentious so our beautiful boy was given the name Barry Crookshanks.

Now anyone who knows the Crocker family, will understand from the great name Barry, many nicknames were to be derived: Basil, Bazz, Nonna (no flippen idea how I came up with that) Baba Ganoush and many more. The animal had finally been anointed with the water of life and properly welcomed into our household.

Sadly, if you’ve watched The Flash, our Bazz isn’t too similar to peaceful Barry Allen. While the two share their love for speeding around, the list ends there. Barry Allen speeds around saving the world one crime at a time, while our dear deranged cat enjoys speeding up and down the passage with no clear purpose while using a door or a bed frame as a stopping mechanism. The number of times the poor cat has had a head on collision with a piece of furniture is worrying and we cant seem to make him stop. He also doesn’t share the calm and kind features with his idol. If you foolishly walk past a bed that is sheltering the wretched animal, be ready to rip you to smithereens. Your feet and hands will never look the same again.I have been told I am a tad dramatic, but I have battle scars to prove this animal is far from calm and kind.

To be fair to the animal (because the chances of him reading my blog are so high, DUH) he is a great cuddler and when the time is right, he will crawl onto your lap and take a little nap. In shocking news lately, you may even hear the creature purr. To be honest, he is very loving when he is in the mood or when he wants food.

And this ends the tale of Barry Crookshanks.

If you enjoy seeing this beautiful cat’s face of perfection, follow me on Instagram @hannahabrhamsc to see more  

Granny Crocker Comes to Town

When Granny Crocker comes to town, life always gets more exciting. It is usually because we go on fun adventures around Cape Town or out to dinner, but this recent time, it was for something completely different. Granny Crocker came to visit, and she brought the house down…literally.

Our dear Crocks was in the kitchen attempting to make some corn fritters (they were delicious by the way) and she decided to be organised and clean. This can already tell you that something bad was about to happen. But alas, instead of helping her with her cooking endeavours, Grace and I continued to work at the dining room table while Granny slaved away. And along went merry Granny Crocker mixing and stirring and then…

What happened next would change our lives forever…

As our beloved Granny Crocker opened both cupboard doors at the same time, they slowly started falling forwards towards her. To elaborate, these cupboards run from the floor to the ceiling and are a lot taller than Granny Crocker. We have also known for years now that the cupboard wasn’t secured to the wall properly, yet we hadn’t even made a conscious effort to fix the problem. When Grace and I finally realised that the cupboards were falling on our beloved Gra-nay-nay, I jumped up and ran faster than Caster Semenya to try to push the cupboard back up against the wall while Grace was pinned between the falling cupboard and the table.

Before this, our dearest Jennifer had been fast asleep (my dad nicknamed her Sleeping Beauty for a reason – mostly because of the sleeping part) but was obviously awoken by my shrieking and the sound of tins, glasses and all sorts of other wonderful food items bouncing of Granny Crocker and onto the floor. She then hopped out of bed and came running to try to push the cupboard back up.

When all three of us realised there was no chance under the sun we would be strong enough to resist the inevitable, we allowed the cupboard to slowly fall to the ground with Granny Crocker underneath it. The image was one I would never get out of my head, a giant cupboard lying on the floor, with cans and tins all around it, and little Granny Crocker’s feet sticking out at the end – like from The Wizard of Oz except it was a cupboard and not a house and my granny is not a wicked witch.

In those moments I thought Granny Crocker wouldn’t survive, but then there came a chuckle from under the pile and a slight shaking of the cupboard. This reminded us that we actually need to fish her out. Once we got the cupboard back against the wall and realised Granny Crocker was okay, it was obvious life had to go back to normal. Granny went back to the kitchen to finish the corn fritters (we told her to sit down but she refused), Grace and I went about cleaning the mess on the floor which involved throwing away everything that had been touched by the vile juices of an old onion that probably moved into the cupboard when we moved into the house – 4 years ago, and our dear Jennifer went to lie on the couch because out of all of us, she was the most traumatized. There she lay in shock while the one who was injured made dinner and the two who witnessed it cleaned up. Obviously the one who entered the dramatic scene last gets to lie down first, right?

It was one of those ‘you’ll laugh about it later moments’ with the later referring to 10 minutes after the incident and may I point out, Granny Crocker started the laughing…we were very sympathetic towards her. IHowever dramatic it was, it really was the most exciting moment of Granny Crocker’s visit.

*Disclaimer: Granny Crocker obtained one bruise on her arm, but she applied arnica night and day (sleeping next to her cleared my sinuses) and the cupboard has been properly reinforced and the Crocker Household has returned to normality.

Hannah Hoekom?

It is 2015, a New Year and therefore a new blog post! Here is to posting more regularly and improving my blog!

The other day in grade 3, I was walking around the Rondebosch Craft’s Market with my mom and granny because I have been a joller since 1997 and ‘haters gonna hate’ when my mom received a phone call. She came to me and told me that a girl in my class (who to be honest I wasn’t even acquaintances with) had invited me to her house for a sleepover. Being the self-con-con person I am, I told my mom I didn’t want to go and it was impossible she had invited me but my mom convinced me to go. Once I had decided to go, can I just point out, I got extremely excited. You see it was before I became the popular person that I am today. It was at a time when I was a loner, so the opportunity to make friends was an riveting one.

When I arrived at this girl’s house and knocked on the door, I was greeted with a very confused looking mother and a petrified and heartbroken looking little girl.  Something was obviously wrong but I was so high of friendship fumes I ignored it. It was meant to be just the two of us, so imagine my surprise when another girl from our school rocked up for our sleepover!

I was feeling uncomfortable but I could literally see our friendship blossoming and it excited me, until we were lying in bed…we were just about to go to sleep when the girl who had been invited after me blurted out “We didn’t actually want you to come, we wanted the other Hannah!” well guess who quietly cried herself to sleep while trying to imagine ways to get home without waking up the family!

A little background info, there were multiply Hannah’s in my grade because creativity was obviously lacking in 1997 (jokes Mom I love my name) and coincidentally there were two Hannah’s with mothers named Jennifer. Obviously the wrong Jennifer had been called to invite the wrong Hannah to a sleepover and no one had said a thing until I was starting to get comfortable in my new BFFs home!

When I left the next morning, I thanked them for having me, got in the car and drove away with a very heavy heart. My sorrow then turned into hate and I bought voodoo dolls for each girl…JOKES, I am actually friends with them now, and what is in the past is in the past!

But I still wonder why my life is so ridiculous, seriously why Hannah? 

Hagrid, is that you?

Anyone who knows me well, will know my family calls me Hagrid for a reason. Not because I am giant wizard who was wrongly expelled for a crime he didn’t commit only to become the grounds man for Hogwarts and also befriend three young students, but because we have the same hair. Curly, wild and bushy, you would swear we shared a mother! Don’t worry, we don’t actually, or that would explain why I resemble a giant…
You are all welcome
Now because my mom has seemingly thinner in hair in comparison to me, it is understandable the two of us hadn’t really mastered how to tame the mane. At the end of grade 6, it was extremely bad. I don’t know if you will understand the severity of the situation, but I had a giant knot, the size of two fists at the back of my head with little fringe pieces hanging out and that was it. I had tried covering it with conditioner and combing through it. The results included an empty bottle of conditioner and a comb that snapped in half. I also tried to randomly cut pieces out, but that didn’t work out so well.

Then the tragic day came, when they called every student to the front office for a lice check. Well I was definitely being punished because I was sent home to my mother with lice (let me remind you, lice like clean hair, so those stuck up 6 girls who remained at school lice-less, we were the real winners). When my mother discovered the severity of the situation, she realized a change needed to be made.

It was clear life couldn’t continue this way, and so to the hairdresser we went where I kid you not, they chopped all my hair off. I had a genuine afro, and not the cool looking one, more like the troll doll looking one. Now of course it had to happen right before I started grade 7, the start of my wondrous social life and my rise to fame. What a joke! If my brother and I every looked like twins, it was then. We literally had the same haircut. How was I supposed to make a name for myself in the social world of lumo and cowboy socials when I looked like I was on the other team (or maybe playing for it?).

It was very obviously a traumatic time for me, and very clearly the reason I remained single all the way through grade 7 while my friends were all vibing with seemingly shorter boys with squeaky voices. Maybe I was actually saved from an experience I would most probably regret now! 

Guess who’s back?!

So, remember once upon a time when I was super eager and keen about blogging…yeah I do too! And then I suddenly stopped! For 3 months I didn’t post a thing. But guess who’s back? Back again? It is Eminem! Jokes, it’s me. I am back, and hopefully here to stay!

To be honest the reason I stopped, is because I wasn’t getting as many views as I wanted and it kinda discouraged me. Then a complete random came up to me and told me how much they loved Crocker’s Corner and how much they missed my posts. Well random girl, I am writing this for you!
Now, us grade 11s are about to write some very important exams, yet here I am – blogging instead of studying.

Now, I need to tell you all how bad my week was (it really wasn’t that bad – it was actually lovely but there were moments that really did suck a fair bit). I washed my blazer this weekend as the prefects have to send them in for braiding soon. I was all ready for a good Monday when a bird took a giant dump on my shoulder. I, of course didn’t notice this until my friend pointed it out while laughing hysterically at me. I cleaned it off and tried to enjoy all the joys of my Monday. The day was perfect until I reached into my pocket to get my glasses when  I grabbed a giant blob of pigeon faeces which had obviously landed in my pocket during the incident in the morning. Well as you could probably guess, I was NOT pleased!

Then on Wednesday, I was having break outside with my friends, which is rare. Not because I don’t have friends, but because I always have a meeting. When from the heavens above, I giant blob of purple bird poo landed on my knee. It wasn’t the crunchy kind that you can flick off and then wipe, no it was the wet sloppy kind. Sorry if this is too much information, but I need you all to understand how much my life sucked.

I obviously had to wash my blazer again so I decided to do it on Thursday so I could take it in on Friday. I was taking it off the line this morning when I discovered it covered in…bugs! Ha-ha, bet you thought I was going to say bird poo. No, luckily not! But while I was taking it off the line, a bird took a giant poop right next me and my freshly washed blazer. I slowly backed into the house, in my attempt to not alert the bird.

I don’t know what all of this means…maybe it is good luck for exams next week, or maybe the bird community is suddenly out to get me. Who knows?

Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela once said, “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.”
On the 18 July Stop Hunger Now and Canal Walk teamed up to host a packaging session in aid of Nelson Mandela day. Over 1200 people volunteered to help and together we packed 300 456 meals. These meals will be used to feed 5000 children in the Western Cape over the next year, and all it took was people giving up 67 minutes of their time in order to help someone else.

This photo of my brother and sister volunteering was too sweet not to include!

I am so grateful that I was able to work with such an amazing team, who care so passionately for other people. The day was such a success, because of the amazing Stop Hunger Now team. Over South Africa, a total of 985 200 meals were packed and will end hunger for people all over South Africa.
Madiba would have been proud to see all the enthusiastic and happy volunteers come together to honour his memory and to serve the community! No matter how much bad we may see in the world, one must not forget all the good that there is!
Like Mandela said, ending hunger in South Africa is going to be hard, and it is going to take time, but it is a journey I am glad to be a part of!
If you would like to help SHN by donating money, please go to